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(edit) @232:6832c19425b6 [232:6832c19425b6] 3 weeks jslawinski Increased DAC version to 0.7.2
(edit) @195:96872ee191e8 [195:96872ee191e8] 5 weeks klider #4 - target renamed
(edit) @194:81270c00eaea [194:81270c00eaea] 5 weeks klider #4 - target renamed
(edit) @193:c29d2b249f11 [193:c29d2b249f11] 5 weeks klider #4 - fail on error
(edit) @192:c3137aae88ec [192:c3137aae88ec] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Renamed run targets.
(edit) @191:bd52be14964a [191:bd52be14964a] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Added \'clean.all\' target.
(edit) @185:4c927c5c3c52 [185:4c927c5c3c52] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Removed invalid target.
(edit) @183:5ed14dd428b1 [183:5ed14dd428b1] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Fixed \'run\' target.
(edit) @182:daef63d12c71 [182:daef63d12c71] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Added \'docs\' directory. Refactored \'javadoc\' and \'umldoc\' …
(edit) @181:bc7e393726d6 [181:bc7e393726d6] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Fixed \'runTests\' target.
(edit) @180:2e84edbf2b72 [180:2e84edbf2b72] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Added \'etc\' directory and refactored configuration files.
(edit) @178:8224fa728538 [178:8224fa728538] 5 weeks jslawinski #4: Added \'build\' target.
(edit) @176:244982f679ef [176:244982f679ef] 8 weeks jslawinski Changed filename of the dac jar.
(edit) @174:f546308889ff [174:f546308889ff] 8 weeks jslawinski Increased DAC version to 0.7.1
(edit) @173:294cdca16b53 [173:294cdca16b53] 8 weeks jslawinski Refactored package names.
(edit) @170:4205255acdd4 [170:4205255acdd4] 4 months jeremian #86: Increased DAC version to 0.7
(edit) @158:fa4ad97ef172 [158:fa4ad97ef172] 4 months jeremian #69: Added initial version of the BrokerInfoMBean.
(edit) @152:48505e620211 [152:48505e620211] 4 months jeremian #70: Renamed packages.
(edit) @149:80f9a599534b [149:80f9a599534b] 5 months jeremian #47: Fixed cajoBrokerURL.
(edit) @148:7447baa10269 [148:7447baa10269] 5 months jeremian #47: Fixed hostName binding.
(edit) @139:e99d036e71ef [139:e99d036e71ef] 5 months jeremian #24: Increased DAC version to 0.6.1
(edit) @123:342eb8a7d28d [123:342eb8a7d28d] 6 months jeremian Added umlgraph dependency for the umldoc target.
(edit) @122:1f9799a50e89 [122:1f9799a50e89] 6 months jeremian Cleanup after convert-repo.
(edit) @119:c9e9774c1355 [119:c9e9774c1355] 6 months wiesiek Moving Ivy repo to
(edit) @118:3543df2e832e [118:3543df2e832e] 6 months jeremian Comments.
(edit) @117:253808e40c59 [117:253808e40c59] 6 months kuba Removing all jars from web application.
(edit) @112:f0c8511b4334 [112:f0c8511b4334] 6 months wiesiek The "get-ivy" target downloads Apache Ivy from our repository rather than …
(edit) @110:0125ff71693a [110:0125ff71693a] 7 months wiesiek Ivy resolvers configuration has been simplified a bit.
(edit) @108:798bac9b0d4c [108:798bac9b0d4c] 7 months wiesiek Added publishing capability for the HOG "library" (Ivy related).
(edit) @107:51d94d12ce64 [107:51d94d12ce64] 7 months wiesiek Initial Apache Ivy support has been added making the "lib" directory and …
(edit) @106:3cbc9ea9ff64 [106:3cbc9ea9ff64] 7 months jeremian Added generic DAC launcher.
(edit) @102:cd36298bb4a7 [102:cd36298bb4a7] 7 months jeremian Added cajoBroker to beans.xml.
(edit) @100:5f4965433d83 [100:5f4965433d83] 7 months [email protected] Lazy initialization of beans.
(edit) @94:347476771a09 [94:347476771a09] 7 months gruesome Logger as a service in workers. Uses log4j's SocketServer? & …
(edit) @92:cfb98946dad6 [92:cfb98946dad6] 9 months aga jeszcze jeden przyklad - 2n
(edit) @91:c2c37c0b5b5a [91:c2c37c0b5b5a] 9 months pawel added simpleSum target
(edit) @84:918b6013aa6e [84:918b6013aa6e] 10 months Jakub Neumann <[email protected]…> Adding HOG (basic) Web Application files.
(edit) @72:0e7d6440fa7f [72:0e7d6440fa7f] 11 months [email protected] New target: ab-jar.
(edit) @71:c892c86131f7 [71:c892c86131f7] 11 months jeremian Excluded GaspsApplicationContextTest? from runTests target - this test …
(edit) @68:48e3329d7e2f [68:48e3329d7e2f] 11 months artur MQ, Cajo & EJBD locations moved from build.xml to spring-managed …
(edit) @64:23ada8810220 [64:23ada8810220] 12 months jeremian Excluded ActiveMQ tests from runTests target.
(edit) @62:692b1c2eb3fe [62:692b1c2eb3fe] 12 months jeremian Fixed cajo broker url
(edit) @58:b472e8073bc2 [58:b472e8073bc2] 12 months jeremian Extended logging.
(edit) @57:ec5d65269a8d [57:ec5d65269a8d] 12 months jeremian Added URL property for cajo broker.
(edit) @55:2f3d352649b1 [55:2f3d352649b1] 12 months jeremian Added Cajo implementation of the ab.
(edit) @49:5ff4eb726f2e [49:5ff4eb726f2e] 12 months [email protected] Serializing fixes + agent handling in ActiveMQBroker improvement.
(edit) @48:322ea269dff3 [48:322ea269dff3] 12 months artur Change in AgentBroker? interface: passing recipientIdentString instead of …
(edit) @46:1d35bd1ec717 [46:1d35bd1ec717] 12 months gruesome New ant target + jar for generating uml-javadocs.
(edit) @43:f8f33f55965a [43:f8f33f55965a] 12 months jeremian Added single threaded implementation of the worker.
(edit) @41:9b8d7b8d20b8 [41:9b8d7b8d20b8] 12 months jeremian Moved current AB Worker implementation to WorkerStub?.
(edit) @39:7fd312705911 [39:7fd312705911] 12 months gruesome Full implementation of ActiveMQBroker. Not yet fully unit-tested.
(edit) @38:ba434868c9c1 [38:ba434868c9c1] 12 months gruesome Worker simple impl. for recursive_sum testing.
(edit) @29:f442ec583e62 [29:f442ec583e62] 13 months [email protected] Changed broker/ejbd urls to intel cluster.
(edit) @28:9ddbc26d93ca [28:9ddbc26d93ca] 14 months artur Merge + restored fork=false.
(edit) @27:f84a524928c2 [27:f84a524928c2] 14 months [email protected] fork=true for running workers in build.xml
(edit) @26:0ee68cce960c [26:0ee68cce960c] 14 months [email protected] Broker URL restored to hoga.
(edit) @25:912be18b6318 [25:912be18b6318] 14 months artur Specimen number is read from message properties instead of EvaluationTask?
(edit) @24:d5a686931cf6 [24:d5a686931cf6] 14 months jeremian Added temporary workaround to preserve shape of the track during …
(edit) @23:aa877cbdf747 [23:aa877cbdf747] 14 months jeremian Added missing properties to run-editor target
(edit) @22:b44179a7883b [22:b44179a7883b] 14 months jeremian Added ant target to run tests
(edit) @21:a8bffcc2abc2 [21:a8bffcc2abc2] 14 months jeremian Added ejbd url property
(edit) @20:a3911901cc46 [20:a3911901cc46] 14 months [email protected] run-editor in build.xml
(edit) @18:805386a015f2 [18:805386a015f2] 15 months jeremian Added fork to run-pg
(edit) @16:ae81d6e2039c [16:ae81d6e2039c] 15 months jeremian Added forking for RH workers and workerType property for all
(edit) @13:d412060c301b [13:d412060c301b] 15 months [email protected] Preparing to logging to files with pid.
(edit) @11:541c022a53bb [11:541c022a53bb] 15 months [email protected] run-pg added to build.xml
(edit) @10:56d3b345cba9 [10:56d3b345cba9] 16 months Jakub Neumann <[email protected]…> Stub HOGDB impl for remote test
(edit) @9:103803956221 [9:103803956221] 16 months jeremian Merged hog_gasps1 repository
(edit) @8:5c931f85c74b [8:5c931f85c74b] 16 months [email protected] ActiveMQ url changed.
(edit) @6:421cbfdd521f [6:421cbfdd521f] 16 months [email protected] URI to ActiveMQ changed.
(edit) @5:d82ad7633af6 [5:d82ad7633af6] 17 months jeremian Renamed Worker to WorkerG1.
(edit) @4:4420c0047291 [4:4420c0047291] 17 months jeremian Fixed logging.
(edit) @3:2e6d3607b95d [3:2e6d3607b95d] 17 months jeremian Starting HOG.evaluate() from Launcher.
(edit) @2:6b5b47b678f8 [2:6b5b47b678f8] 17 months jeremian Added Evaluator and Worker for Specimens.
(edit) @1:8758c8d2d966 [1:8758c8d2d966] 18 months jeremian Added dependency from gasps1
(add) @0:805cb4f73462 [0:805cb4f73462] 18 months jeremian Wst?pna wersja build.xml wraz ze szkieletem Launchera.
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