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(edit) @228:e5dff153c3c8 [228:e5dff153c3c8] 3 weeks jslawinski #15: Proper xerces and spring dependencies.
(edit) @225:622572470103 [225:622572470103] 3 weeks jslawinski #15: Removed unnecessary dependencies from the ivy.xml.
(edit) @220:e8b2b1815e6f [220:e8b2b1815e6f] 3 weeks jslawinski #9: Fixed commons-logging dependency.
(edit) @175:e5ca59eb1840 [175:e5ca59eb1840] 8 weeks wiesiek Propagating the refactoring to the Ivy repo.
(edit) @141:722ae28c4a18 [141:722ae28c4a18] 5 months wiesiek A simple fix for Trac ticket #14.
(edit) @123:342eb8a7d28d [123:342eb8a7d28d] 6 months jeremian Added umlgraph dependency for the umldoc target.
(edit) @122:1f9799a50e89 [122:1f9799a50e89] 6 months jeremian Cleanup after convert-repo.
(edit) @120:327019e7ce12 [120:327019e7ce12] 6 months wiesiek Changed organization name from "apache" to "commons" in ivy.xml
(edit) @116:88b445baa2dc [116:88b445baa2dc] 6 months kuba Adding dependency to ivy.xml .
(edit) @115:f17def9ae010 [115:f17def9ae010] 6 months kuba Merging TraditionalPathManager? and HogSessionManager? to HogDB
(edit) @109:119b72f0dfba [109:119b72f0dfba] 7 months wiesiek spring-test.jar moved to Ivy repository dependencies.
(edit) @108:798bac9b0d4c [108:798bac9b0d4c] 7 months wiesiek Added publishing capability for the HOG "library" (Ivy related).
(add) @107:51d94d12ce64 [107:51d94d12ce64] 7 months wiesiek Initial Apache Ivy support has been added making the "lib" directory and …
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